His research involves quantum physics, particularly with regard to the quantum-to-classical transition, simulation of terahertz semiconductor devices, and transport in mesoscopic device structures.


BSEE, Texas Technological College, Lubbock, 1962

MSEE, Texas Technological College, Lubbock, 1963

Ph. D., University of Texas, Austin, 1966

NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Vienna, Austria, 1966-67


Fellow, Institute of Physics, 2005

ASU Graduate Mentor Award, 2001

IEEE Cledo Brunetti Award, 1999, “for advances in nanoelectronics”

ASU Regents’ Professor, 1988

Fellow, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 1987

Halliburton Research Award, Colorado State, 1982

Fellow, American Physical Society, 1974

Faculty Research Award, Texas Tech, 1973

Admiral in the Texas Navy, 1973

Tennessee Squire, 1970

With friends at an evening of relaxation during the ISANN conference in Hawaii, December 2007

Selected Books:

50 Years in the Semiconductor Underground, to appear in 2014

Semiconductors: Bonds and Bands, 2013, Institute of Physics Publishing, Bristol

Transport in Nanostructures, 2nd Ed., 2009, Cambridge University Press (with S. M. Goodnick

    and J. P. Bird).

Semiconductor Transport, 2001, Taylor and Francis, London.

Electronic Materials and Devices, 2001, Academic Press, San Diego (with J. P. Bird).

Quantum Mechanics, 2nd Ed., 2000, Institute of Physics Publishing, Bristol

Doctoral Students Now Teaching in Universities:

•Dr. Paolo Lugli, Professor, Technical University of Munich, Germany

•Dr. Umberto Ravaioli, Professor, University of Illinois

•Dr. Mohamed Osman, Professor, Washington State University

•Dr. Ravindra Joshi, Professor, Old Dominion University

•Dr. Gary Bernstein, Professor, Notre Dame University

•Dr. Toshishige Yamada, Research Faculty, University of Santa Clara

•Dr. Dragica Vasileska, Professor, Arizona State University

•Dr. Irena Knezevic, Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin

•Dr. Carlo Requiao da Cunha, Associate Professor, University Federale de Rio Grande del Sud, Brazil

•Dr. Matthew Gilbert, Assistant Professor, University of Illinois

My wife and I at the (recently closed) Texas Embassy

in London, 2006.


David K. Ferry

Regents’ Professor

School of Electrical, Computer, and Energy


ERC 559 --  (480) 965-2570 --  ferry@asu.edu

Graduate Faculty:

Department of Physics

Materials Science and Engineering Program

Visiting Professor, Chiba University (Japan)