group lunch 4-15-16

Lunch with old friends.  From left, Tim Day, Alex Shailos, moi, Dragica Vasileska, Dave Pivin, Nick Holmberg, and Gabrielle Formicone.  Tim was a student of Steve Goodnick and Alex was a student of Jon Bird, the others were all my students.  Other than Dragica and myself, the others are all at Intel in Chandler.


In not so deep conversation with John Barker (Glasgow) at the International Workshop on Computational Electronics in Nara (2013).

From left: Walter Poetz (Graz), Carlo Jacoboni (Modena), Paolo Lugli (Munich), Paolo Bordone (Modena), myself bundled in the raincoat, Matthew Gilbert (Illinois), Steve Goodnick (ASU), Larry Cooper (former ONR, retired), Friedl Kuchar (Leoben, retired), Wolf Porod (Notre Dame).  The occassion was a party at a heurigen just outside Grinzing (near Vienna) in 2005.

From left: Jim Cooper (Purdue) and his wife, Laurence Eaves (Nottingham), Klaus von Klitzing (Stuttgart), my wife, Steve and Sara Goodnick (ASU), the Hamaguchis, Esther Conwell (Xerox), myself (in back), Erik Gornik (Vienna), and Liz and John Barker (Glasgow).  The occasion was festivities for the retirement of Chihiro Hamaguchi in 2001.  The picture is taken in front of Himeji Castle (Japan).


In discussion with Klaus von Klitzing, Erik Gornik, and Prof. Sasaki (Nagoya) during the symposium in honor of Prof. Hamaguchi during his retirement ceremonies in Osaka, 2001.

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